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Professional background

I am board-certified in both child/adolescent and adult psychiatry and am a member of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. I am also the founder of Luminello, an electronic medical record platform designed to improve communication between patients and their providers.

Selected Talks

“Treating Modern Children: Walking the Tightrope Between Under and Overmedicating.” JCC of the East Bay Lecture Series, Berkeley.

“Primary Care Treatment of ADHD.” Pediatrics Residents Lecture, Children’s Hospital, Oakland.

“ADHD Medications in Children.” CHADD Parent Support Group, San Francisco.

“Primary Care Treatment of ADHD.” Pediatrics Staff Grand Rounds, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco.

“The 15 Minute Hour: Primary Care Treatment of Depression, ADHD and Sleep Disorders in Adults.” Medical Staff Grand Rounds, Osan Air Base, Korea Medical Center.

“Finding Meaningful Relationships After Graduation.” Invited Speaker, Senior Transition Week, Bitburg High School, Bitburg, Germany.

“Improving Funding and Recruitment in Psychiatry by Teaching College Undergraduates.” Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds, UCSF.

“Comparative Effects Of Methylphenidate And Amphetamine On Long Term Growth.” Poster Presentation. AACAP Annual Meeting.

“Improving Recruitment And Funding In Psychiatry By Teaching College Undergraduates.” Poster Presentation. APA Annual Meeting.

Selected Publications

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